ALL Embassies and Consulates!


For the first time in Lubumbashi, you now have a platform to DISPLAY, REPRESENT and ADVANCE the interests of your country, as many times a year as YOU CHOOSE, to potentially, more than 20 000 different DECISION MAKERS per month, and approximately more than 240 000 affluent people every 12 months, from literally across the globe! The new BSR Congo Newspaper is giving you the opportunity to use this platform to:


Explain and advocate the position of your country on bilateral trade issues

Promote trade and investment

Establish and sustain contacts: people to people and promote exchange of students, scholarships, volunteers, etc

Promote your countries tourism, agriculture, businesses and events, innovations, arts and culture,

Enhance business visits at all levels of public and private sectors

Argue the case for your country as a safe and competitive investment destination because of her strategic location, political stability, cost effective and trained labour force, and efficient telecommunications system...etc

Provide consular services to your fellow country men living here in the Congo

Tell us about your consular services; such as: passport, visa and other documentary need in order for non citizens to visits your country

Announce old or new information that the general public may need to know

Facilitate scientific, cultural, media and educational exchange programs between the two countries

Share your website

Announce Tender Opportunities

Announce recruitment possibilities



By advertising or sharing your countries information, you can:


Increase the demand for your country’s goods and services

Enhance the Country Value-Proposition and Sector Branding

Broaden your country’s Export base.

Provide Market intelligence and guidance, e.g. identification and information on new products, services and new markets in your country

Trade-lead facilitation

Facilitate your country’s exports and imports by matching potential exporters/ importers with suppliers from either country

Provide access to markets through Investment and Trade Initiatives, inc. through National Pavilions