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“Smart people can see the future of marketing communication, and they are signing up to advertise with BSR”

The Mission


To easily connect you to buyers and suppliers of various products and services from across the globe.

Business contacts at your finger tips


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The Vision


To be available on every computer, smart phone and other mobile devices in every country on the planet

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Current BSR Products and services


BSR International Newspaper - Newsprint and soft copy ready to download

Purpose of local newsprint - Non- political, Niche advertising Newsprint to be distributed to high net-worth individuals, and entrepreneurs looking for commercial information from across the continent.

Broadcast your adverts to specific target markets e.g. mining and mining Services, agriculture, construction and manufacturing, ICT, Tourism… etc.

Circulate local commercial information including, local events, discounts and sales, gigs and parties, announcements and press releases…etc.

Circulate commercial information including, local events, celebrations, price cuts and promotions, parties and elite events, announcements and press releases…etc.

Circulate local classified ads e.g. land and housing for sale by owner, used cars, furniture, and other second hand items, for sell by individuals

Encourage local entrepreneurs and tradesmen and woman to display their hand-work e.g. Art (paintings, sculptures, poetry, blogs…) Cakes sales, handmade cards and crafts, fundraising events…etc.


BSR website,

Your global platform, locally…

BSR’s Main Objective


We will provide organized and reliable commercial information online to help you buy, sell and rent products and services in a growing number of countries on the planet, starting with Africa.

Target Audience industries for your advert:


People working in the mines and mining Services, the tourism industry, ICT corporations, construction and infrastructure companies, Manufacturing and renewable energy sectors, conservation of our natural environment and wild life, agriculture, education…etc.

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The Approach:


We are giving SMBs, SMEs and Large Enterprises in Africa a platform for growth and expansion, by hoisting your communication efforts with this provision of an easy, accessible and affordable, international vehicle for your commercial information.

We are inviting you to come and to see…to know, to visit, to understand, to buy from and to invest in different African countries. We are inviting you to come and be at home here.

We are growing the platform with organized, reliable information online for you, by making commercial information affordable and available from the comfort of your mobile phone and other personal devices

We are working to provide balanced information for personal growth and development i.e. Work hard, play hard! #LiveDontJustExist #Travel

“Live the life that you do have”

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For advertising clients

Your commercial information will be available to your target clients and investors even in countries and places that you may or may not have the chance or the time to explore…yet. For Example,

- Countries such as the D.R Congo where commercial information has not been easy to access or penetrate

- Airports across the Africa continent…that are consistently taking and bring in people from across the globe.

More people will reach the website that you already have, once you promote it through our global platform

And if you do not have a website, this will be a good opportunity for you to contact us and we will help boost your own line presence for your profit.



As a BSR user

You will have more options to view before you Buy, Sell, Rent and Invest, with this kind of information at your fingertips.

With our organized and growing global information, you will be able to get to a new city and country with better direction and less fuss.

Note that you will have the basic information for local accommodation, transport, different commercial services and their contacts. With BSR the world is your oyster.


Amongst other places, we will advertise your business in the DR Congo


Interesting facts to note about the DR Congo

According to the Worldometers website, there are over 80million people in DR Congo (year 2019) and 40.7% of that number is urban population.

We are the only commercial newspaper in all the 4 major provinces that used to be one Katanga. These are now called Haut-Katanga, Haut Lomami, Lualaba and Tanganyika provinces. The main mining provinces in Congo.

Our newsprint is placed in the only and most affluent places where most management eat, meet and greet. These includes the few major fine dining restaurants and the only airport lounges available.

While our hard copy is exclusive, the website is inclusive, and people in different places and locations will be encouraged to get smart and to get the right commercial information on


With BSR international Newspaper you will

Reach out and influence both the expat and local affluent communities in different countries, cross the community and language barriers, reaching the different -language speaking communities in mining and other business sectors.

Stretch your reach to potential clients who neither watch nor listen to local TV and radio.

Cross the many boarders, go over and beyond the walls… travel without moving an inch, with our BSR hardcopy, softcopy and website which will include companies from Congo, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya and a growing number of other African Countries.



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We will promote the interests of your country. I.e. we will display the immigration protocols for you country and other countries, we will publish innovations, scholarships, tourism ventures, agriculture, manufacturing…etc. advertisements, opportunities or announcements and other promotions made by your country.



We have a growing anddiversified audience :


It is accurate to say that BSR is also aiming to foster African development, through regional and continental integration and development, by partnering with several organizations upholding SIMILAR Objectives in positive synergy.

Having said that, we are happy to work with all you forward thinking companies and individuals that have a plan to grow your market share, and businesses in Africa, even and especially companies and individuals that have a keen interest in developing Africa and Africans.


“To go far, go alone…To go further let’s go together…” 


We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in business

BSR Management

Ph. +260 971 660 972

Ph. +243 9935 66 355

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.