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BSR Stands for Buy Sell Rent


As BSR Now International, we are providing a non-political Newspaper, and as a team we are enthusiastic to have the honor of supplementing your local and global ( communication efforts.

We have published thousands of copies of the BSR Congo Newspaper and distributed them between Lubumbashi, Tenke Fungurume Mining (TFM) and Kolwezi.

After receiving and listening to our newspaper clients’ feedback, we quickly developed the an online directory and global trading platform



(Visit the home page now for an opportunity to register your company/organization/business onto the BSR Now International online directory at no monetary cost- Download the provided BSR online registration form and email it to provided address)


Use the BSR (Local) Newspaper to:

Introduce your company to Congo’s Mining, Agriculture, Energy, Construction and more sectors by placing your organizations communication in the only commercial newspaper in these mining provinces

Provide or Sponsor Newspaper articles on topics including but not limited to: Mining, Transport and logistics Business and Academics. For example, Pre- Competitive Geoscience knowledge, Geological mapping, new laws being passed and information affecting different sectors. Topics covering Agriculture, Renewable Energy, infrastructure, ICT, manufacturing, real estate, Tourism, and Conservation of wild life and the natural environment…etc.

Announce your Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs)

Encourage Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Innovation

Publish Press Releases

Carry out rebranding and other marketing campaigns

Announce recruitment opportunities

Announce Tender opportunities

Make known your sales promotions

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Promote your brand

Announce and advertise events

Sell your second hand equipment

Buy, sell or rent business and private property

What BSR can do for you?


By placing your advert in the BSR you:

Reach potential clients that would never read nor look out for billboards while driving in town

Allow your potential clients to carry your information away with them for more effective presentation to their team, family and friends. Something one can never do with a billboard, TV or radio advert. This can work well as a supplement to using word-of-mouth as a marketing tool.

Grant your clients and potential clients the opportunity to read ALL your information at their own convenience

Allow us to take your information to locations, offices, hotels, events and expos that you may not be able to visit or attend.

Cross language barriers and influence the expat and local affluent communities, in mining and other business, and reach potential clients who neither watch nor listen to local TV and radio.

Cross boarders without moving an inch, simply by visiting which will include BSR Congo, BSR Zambia, BSR South Africa, BSR Kenya and BSR-Every-African Country Eventually.

What are you waiting for? Call or write us now and get your name on the map.

Zambia Ph. +260 97 166 0792

DRC Ph. +243 993 566 355

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pricing Plan